Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

This site,
it has implemented the European directive on the regulation of political cookies.

What are cookies.

Cookies are text strings of small size that a site records on your browser and you need to store certain information about visitors.

Types of Cookies

Our site makes use of different types of cookies:

Cookies essential technical

These cookies are essential for the proper functionality ‘of our website. facilitate
page navigation, the sharing of our themes as well as’ registration
your login credentials to facilitate entry to our site and to
dynamics keep your choices and credentials when you surf. With the absence of
cookies would be difficult to offer the best services.

Cookies statistical and performance

These cookies enable us to know in what way visitors use our site,
so to be able to determine and optimize the operation and facilitate the production of
themes that best meet the needs of our visitors. Allow to know
what are the most visited pages and the number of visitors, the average time
They spend on the site and the procedures on how to reach the site. All this helps us on
What we need to improve, as well as guarantee us how fast pages load
perfectly. These data collected by cookies are anonymous and do not go back to the data
the visitor’s personal. To get these features in our sites we use
third parties that guarantee your anonymity.
How we use the statistical service
that uses cookies that serve to trace and examine the actual usage
that is done with the site and their pages
of visitors, here Privacy Policy.

Cookies profiling third party

This category includes those cookies disseminated by third parties that are not directly controlled or controllable by us.
Cookies originate from our partners offer advanced features, as well as higher information and personal functions. If you have an account or if you use their services on other Web sites, may be able to figure out when the user visited our website. Data collection from these external operators through cookies is governed by its privacy policies and then identify these certain cookies with the names of the related parties defined in the management tools of cookies available in the specified part of this Policy. The main social networks make use of these cookies registered that allow you to share the themes of our sites and to display in a public appreciation for our efforts.
The cookies that do not originate from our partners, are conveyed cookies that do not depend on our control but which are third parties that have no way of recognizing
the visitor when sailing even outside of our sites.
These cookies, which are called profiling, are not directly controlled by us and then we can not guarantee about the use that third parties are holders of the recorded information.

Here we put the privacy policy of third parties:

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As for the interactions of social widgets provide a list with their privacy policy:

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Managing cookies

These links explain how you can control cookies via your browser – remember that if you turn off cookies in your browser then these settings apply to all websites not just this one:

Data Controller

The data controller is available at the following email: